DOÑA  PILAR  C.  GONZAGA  ELEMENTARY  SCHOOL  was  once  a  part  of  Eulogio   Rodriguez Elementary School. Due to the increase of enrolment, the school site and facilities needed expansion and  improvement,  which  made  the  administrator  and  parents,  sought  the  help  of civic-spirited Doña  Pilar  C.  Gonzaga.  Because of the bayanihan spirit, good rapport and camaraderie between parents, teachers, pupils and community, it  opens  its doors to pupils in 1975 which people readily accepted the new school.

         It all started with few rooms and teachers, who through the years  have  provided  pupils  quality  education  in  the  best  way  they  can.  The   first   building,  the  Bagong   Lipunan   Building with  six  sections  for  Grade  IV  pupils. An 18-classroom Rodriguez-Type Building was built next. This was occupied  by  grades  one, three  and five.  In  the  year 1995, it has Neptali A. Gonzales building  with eight   classrooms and  special   room.   Now,  The  Marcos  Type  building  was  demolished to  give way  to SSES  New Academic Building.     

         The school has undergone a lot of renovations and improvements through the efforts of the past  and  present  school  administrators,  with  the  aid  of  the national and local government. The general PTA also took its part in minor improvements.

          Due   to   the   combined   efforts   of   teaching   and   non-teaching   personnel,  pupils and parents,  DPCGES  was  adjudged  “The  Cleanest  and  Most  Beautiful  School”  by  the  Division of  City Schools of Quezon City for three consecutive years.

         In  2008, Doña Pilar has been qualified  as one of the pilot implementers of Special Science Elementary Schools due to high performance level.

         On March 2, 2009, DPCGES was granted Level 1 Accreditation for SY 2008-2010 by Accreditation Program for Public Elementary Schools (APPES). An evaluation system to identify and improve school effectiveness and foster excellence in the school, division, region and national levels of the educational system.

Now,  three  decades  after  opening  its  doors  the  school  had  its  share  from outstanding alumni who in return continue their full-pledge support for their Alma mater.

          There  are  in-service  trainings, Learning Action Cell, monthly meeting and seminars for  teachers  to  achieve  quality  education  for  the  benefit  of  the pupils. Also, the school sees to it that pupils excel in different field, mainly academic, literary and sports.

Through the years, the school has undergone changes. From its former few and limited facilities, it has now three-storey Neptali A. Gonzales Building, a four-storey Neptali A. Gonzales II Building, a four-storey Administrative Building, and a four-storey 12 classroom Science Building. Today, it has 55 classrooms and 10 special rooms namely the Science Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Speech Laboratory, Home Economics Room, Library, SDRRM Room, Clinic, Guidance Office, Conference Room, SBM and Mathematics Room.

             In the coming years, DPCGES will  continue  to  provide  quality  education  for  the pupils from the different barangays in Mandaluyong City.